Boston Car Crash Lawyer

My son John was driving to pick up his son for his weekend visit, his three-year-old son, and on the way he got into a car accident and was killed. And of course that's the worst thing that can happen to a parent, and I did not want to speak to a lawyer at first. I wanted to just take care of my grandson and help his mom.

And my son and husband did research and through a family friend was introduced to Ron and James felt very comfortable with him. I did finally have a meeting with Ron and felt very comfortable speaking with him, felt very confident that he would come to some sort of resolution for the support of my grandson, growing up, and his, for his college, and any other needs along the way.

I would definitely refer anyone else with this horrible situation to call on Ron to settle for the future of their children. He was very considerate to my family, so for that I'll always be grateful. He kept us very informed. He called during any time there was any new event in the case and took our calls whenever we called with no hesitation and we were very, very comfortable through the whole thing with Ron handling it.

And he did come through this mediation to a good sum to take care of my grandson for the rest of his life.