Rear End Collisions in Massachusetts

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At Breakstone, White & Gluck, our committed Boston car accident lawyers have handled numerous rear end collision claims. We assist victims with obtaining the compensation that they need and deserve during this difficult time. We are ready to assist you with bringing the careless driver who hurt you to justice.

One of the most common types of motor vehicle accidents that Massachusetts residents encounter is a rear end collision. In this type of accident, the victim’s vehicle is struck from behind by another driver. There are many reasons why rear end accidents may occur, including the at-fault driver’s distracted driving, driving under the influence, or aggressive driving. At a low speed, rear end collisions may lead to injuries that range from minor to severe. But when it takes place at a high speed on a highway or another major road, the injuries can be devastating and even deadly for the victim.

Assert Your Rights Against a Careless Driver Who Caused a Rear End Collision

You can be involved in a rear end collision virtually anywhere on the road, whether you are stopped at a red light, slowing your vehicle to make a turn, or traveling through rush hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic. If you suffer serious injuries as a result of the impact, you can bring a negligence action against the driver who caused the accident to occur. To prevail, you must prove that the driver failed to operate their vehicle with the same level of care and skill that a reasonable and prudent driver would maintain.

There are a variety of ways that you can go about proving the defendant’s lack of due care, such as offering evidence of any traffic violations that the defendant committed at the time that the crash occurred. Many rear end collisions happen because of traffic violations or alcohol use, which prevents the driver from having sharp faculties and reacting quickly to changes in traffic or the roadway. Another common cause of rear end collisions is speeding, which prevents a motorist from stopping their vehicle in time. One of the most effective ways to determine whether the defendant violated any traffic laws is to obtain a copy of a police report prepared after the accident. An experienced car accident attorney can assist you with this step and with determining a strategy for establishing negligence.

After you have proven that the defendant operated their vehicle negligently, you will need to show that there is a link between this failure and the injuries that resulted from the crash. A wide variety of harms can result from a rear end collision, especially if the impact occurred at a high speed. Some potential examples include whiplash, back injuries, neck injuries, brain trauma, broken bones, and paralysis. If the victim loses their life as a result of a fatal crash, Massachusetts allows the surviving heirs to bring a wrongful death action against the defendant to recoup compensation for the loss of their loved one.

Once you have proven that the defendant’s negligent conduct caused your injuries or your loved one’s death, you must provide evidence substantiating the amount of damages that you are requesting from the defendant. This is specific to the circumstances of the case, but some typical examples are medical bills, like ambulance fees, hospitalization expenses, medication costs, and physical therapy. You can also seek compensation for any ongoing medical expenses, as well as compensation for missed wages and diminished earning capacity. Pain and suffering is also a type of compensation that is commonly awarded, although it is more subjective.

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