Worcester Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Worcester Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Drivers often forget their responsibility to share the road, leaving motorcyclists vulnerable in traffic. In Worcester and Central Massachusetts, motorcyclists travel on a mix of city roads, open country ways and busy highways, such as I-290. When accidents happen, motorcyclists – not drivers – are more likely to be injured.

Motorcyclists account for more than 15 percent of all traffic deaths in Massachusetts, according to state data. Many motorcyclist deaths and injuries are caused by the negligence of other drivers. Drivers who speed, follow too closely or give into distracted driving can cause motorcycle crashes. A large number of collisions happen at intersections or when drivers fail to signal their intention to turn or cut off motorcyclists. Because of the open-build of a motorcycle vs. a car, drivers don't always need to make direct contact with motorcyclists to cause a crash or injuries.

With more than 185,000 residents, Worcester has a large population and major employers such as UMass Memorial Medical Center, the colleges and insurance companies. The restaurants along Shrewsbury Street, college sports and the DCU Center bring in additional traffic throughout the year. All these drivers have a responsibility to operate with care near motorcyclists.

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Motorcyclists who are injured by another vehicle may be entitled to pursue a claim against the driver’s auto insurance policy. You may also have the right to seek compensation from other sources. Take time to learn your rights so you have the financial resources to make your best possible recovery.

Common Types of Motorcycle Crashes

Worcester sits along I-290 and I-190 and there is a large volume of commercial truck and motor vehicle traffic at all hours.

But about 90 percent of motorcycle crashes happen on local roads, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In Central Massachusetts, Route 9 in Worcester and Shrewsbury record many traffic and pedestrian accidents each year. Motorcyclists have to travel with caution there as well, particularly at traffic signals and when turning at intersections.

Large commercial trucks create another danger for motorcyclists. Commercial truck drivers have a responsibility to check their mirrors for motorcyclists, as well as bicyclists, but this doesn’t always happen. When trucks travel too closely, another consequence is motorcyclists are left with a limited view of traffic, reducing their ability to make safe driving decisions.

Intersections are a common site for motorcycle crashes, especially no contact collisions. These can happen when another vehicle speeds by or operates in a manner that causes a motorcyclist to lose their balance or be thrown. When a no contact collision occurs, drivers may not be aware they even caused a motorcycle accident. They may keep traveling. Consulting an attorney will be essential to identifying and locating the driver at fault, and proving the driver's actions caused your injuries.

Types of Motorcycle Crashes

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