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After speaking with several lawyers about taking my case, I selected attorney Marc Breakstone because of his no-nonsense approach. I first read about him on his Google Reviews page. I was impressed by the favorable comments of his former clients. I have to say that my experiences with Marc were consistent with his glowing Google Reviews. Throughout the handling of my case, Marc communicated his advice and counseled me in a straightforward, concise way. Marc took the case despite the fact that the damages and the amount of recovery were relatively small for a medical malpractice case. However Marc took the case because he shared my family's upset over what had happened to my wife. Not only did he obtain a satisfactory financial settlement, he worked with our family to ensure that the hospital establish new procedures to ensure that the same mistake not occur with any other patient at that the facility. That fact gave my family a sense that some good will come out of the hardship that my wife and our family experienced. We are completely satisfied with the job that Marc and his wonderful assistant Christine did on our case and would recommend Breakstone, White & Gluck to any other family looking for intelligent, thorough and compassionate representation.

Bill St George

I give Ron Gluck of Breakstone, White and Gluck the highest possible recommendation. Ron represented me in a personal injury case involving an unleashed dog attacking my dog and causing me to fall. I sustained a severe lumbar fracture. As a registered nurse I understood the medical implications but I am so grateful Ron was my advocate. He was kind and compassionate and kept me informed throughout the legal process. He tirelessly fought on my behalf when the insurance company wanted to settle. He truly understood the impact of my injury on my previously active lifestyle and the physical demands of my professional work and obtained the best settlement possible. If you are looking for a personal injury attorney, look no further than Ron Gluck. He will fight on your behalf in the most professional and compassionate manner.

Sheryl Satterthwaite

Attorney David White is one of the most professional attorneys with whom I have ever worked. He represented me on a matter with great skill, knowledge and effectiveness. He is knowledgeable about the applicable law, practical in his advice and decisions, and timely in his actions. I was very pleased with the result that he achieved on my behalf. I highly recommend him for personal injury and civil litigation matters.

Stanley Kay

Reza Breakstone exceeded my expectations with his knowledge, expertise and his counsel. He is the best in his field.


Attorney Marc Breakstone was a godsend. On December 21, four days before Christmas, I found myself in a nightmare. As I stood in a crosswalk walking home in Brookline, a van going over 40mph flew into my body. As I rolled over the van, I immediately felt my life was over. My backpack tore off my body like it was held on by paper. And when I hit the cement all I could think about was the oncoming traffic which would crush me. Miraculously, cars screeched to a halt before hitting me. Instinctually, I tried to get up and run away from where I laid, but I couldn’t. I was bloody, in excruciating pain, and my legs motionless from spine trauma. For the first time in my life I felt fragile and temporal. The ambulance arrived and paramedics placed me on a stretcher and tore off my clothes. They rushed me to BIDMC trauma center where I received medical treatment for a broken vertebra, spine trauma, and vascular and nerve damage in my legs. I felt helpless and overwhelmed. I knew my body would require years of healing and that I would never be 100%. I had no clue where to begin or how to recover. And having moved to Boston for work, I had no family to take care of me. By the grace of God, I found Marc Breakstone. Several days after my accident, I was referred to him. I remember distinctly my first conversation with him over the phone. I was overwhelmed with his kindness, sympathy, and most importantly wisdom. He somehow gave me optimism in my darkest time. I was impressed that he called me while he was on vacation with his family. And even though he couldn’t meet with me in person immediately, the very next day he sent his partner David White to visit me in my home. I was incredibly impressed with the two men and knew I could not possibly be in better hands. Over the course of two years of treatment, Marc was always there for me. He consistently checked in on me. He gave me invaluable counsel, optimism, and always his Yiddish words of wisdom (which I now use myself). I felt comfortable talking to Marc about anything. And even though I knew Marc had many cases more important than mine, I truly felt I was his only client. Marc Breakstone and his assistant Christine Roberts are spectacular. I’m grateful to have found such a wonderful attorney who I know I will have for life. If you are in need of legal advice and someone to fight for you and be on your side, look no further. You can’t find a better guy.

Hunter Kingsman

Ronald Gluck represented me this past year after my involvement in a terrible house fire that caused me serious injuries. My first interaction with him was directly after the fire when I was in terrible pain and feeling immense grief. Ron was both compassionate and professional. I was immediately comfortable leaving the case in his hands. He kept me up to date and answered every question and concern with care and detail. Ron ensured I was informed of every happening as they happened and made the intricacies of my case comprehensible for someone like myself. He even made clear his genuine concern for how I was feeling every step of the way. The case was settled favorably and it was all thanks to Ron's remarkable skill and strategy. Ron kept my best interest at heart from beginning to end and this was important to me. I sincerely recommend him as an attorney.

Devi Gopal

I would like to give attorney Marc Breakstone the highest possible recommendation. My cousin suffered from a severe medical malpractice. I searched the internet and found Marc to represent him. Since my cousin can’t speak after the injury and his parents can’t speak English, I was the one who communicated with attorney Marc Breakstone on the regular basis. Although I am in New York and he is in Boston, I found no hassle of communicating with him. He always responded to my emails and answered my phone calls without any delays. The personal attentions that he gave to this case were tremendous. He really worked with his professionalism and his heart. The family especially appreciated that he not only worked for the settlement but also helped to coordinate other needs of my cousin.

Xiaolin Liang

I selected Breakstone, White and Gluck to represent my case after talking with several other firms. My initial impression of Attorney David White was that he was quite knowledgeable as he described the applicable law and a couple of nuances that other firms did not seem to get. I also found him to be a very fair man to deal with in terms of providing a balanced point of view of my case as he gave me a clear understanding and outline of the steps, including my own, required to reach a settlement. Throughout the case, he advised me of our progress and asked my input as we proceeded. Mr. White was responsive to my questions and concerns as we interacted throughout the legal process. He provided the guidance I needed to best support my claim and was always a professional in his interactions with me. I highly recommend Breakstone, White and Gluck, without reservation.

Doug M

Reza Breakstone and Ronald Gluck were a pleasure to work with. From the first phone call I knew they were dedicated to my case and would get the outcome that I wanted, and that's exactly what they did! They made sure that we went over everything and they looked at my case from every angle as we prepared. I recommend Reza Breakstone and Ronald Gluck to anyone that wants to win their case.


Attorney Ron Gluck represented me in a personal injury claim which caused my mobility to be impaired. Mr. Gluck put me at ease at our first meeting. His professional demeanor and warmth meant so much to me, I wanted to be represented by a lawyer I could trust. He answered my calls, my questions, and my concerns in a timely, capable and respectful manner. Most of all, I appreciated the way that my case was managed. Attorney Gluck took care of it! I was free to heal and move on. The outcome was excellent, and I am forever grateful to have had his representation. I recommend him highly.

Gretchen Benkert

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David really cared about me as an individual…and he really cared about seeking the justice that needed to be sought in the case. Peter
Ron got the insurance company to settle for the maximum on the policy. And so as a result of that, my son went back to school. Jeff
Marc just guided us through the whole process. He told us exactly what would happen and how we needed to go about doing everything. Jesenia
I would recommend David…The outcome of my case, I was very pleased with it. I hope I don't have another accident, but if I do we'll be back to see David. Paul
Ron was excellent. He was on top of everything. He answered every question. John
Marc was extremely professional. I felt very confident that he knew exactly what he was doing. This is his area of practice and I had total confidence in him and I actually have recommended him to other people who have been in accidents. Josh