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Amazing what someone who knows how to get the job done can do for someone like me. It was the best phone call I could have made and I strongly recommend you call Ron Gluck too if you find yourself in need of legal help. I'm a 53 year old cyclist who got "doored" -- riding along a city street between traffic on my left and parked cars on my right, when a driver in a parked car opened his car door into me. The driver's insurance company argued about every cost, including the replacement value of my carbon GF Superfly 100 destroyed in the accident and what my injuries and lifelong disabilities were worth. I called Ron Gluck who has a lot of experience handling cyclist claims and he took care of everything. Managing the medical expense bills alone was a nightmare for me -- ambulance, physicians, specialists, ER visits, MRIs, CAT scans, physical therapy -- he and his staff took care of everything. With Ron's help, I eventually "won" enough to cover all my costs and troubles, even a nice settlement for what will be a lifelong disability. Sure, I would rather have not had the accident at all, but it felt great to have Ron on my side when the big insurance companies fought for every dime and helped me get what they owed me. If you get in an accident, call Ron.

R. Scott Laneve

I would like to give the highest recommendation for my attorney, David White. I was severely injured while exercising under the supervision of a personal trainer in a local gym. The injury happened when an exercise ball exploded. I fell to the floor, severely injuring my arms and shoulders. David brought claims for negligence and product liability. After hard-fought litigation, we prevailed with an excellent settlement. David always kept me informed about the progress of the case. He was always accessible, and I was never left wondering about even the smallest detail. His preparation of the case for trial, which was just a few weeks away when the case settled, was excellent. He found top experts from around the country who specialized in plastics (for the claims against the ball manufacturer) and in gym management (for the claims against the gym and the personal trainer). I would never hesitate to hire David again if I should need a lawyer. And there is no question about this: If any family member or friend needs a great lawyer, I will refer them to David White.

Walid Dehni

Marc Breakstone skillfully represented my two sisters and me in a wrongful death lawsuit against an ambulance company that dropped my sister on her head, killing her. The case went to trial in April, 2015. My sisters and I attended the entire trial and got to see Marc in action. We feel that we had the best possible representation with Marc. On a personal level, Marc was always compassionate and respectful in his dealings with us and other family members. He truly cares about his clients’ well-being. He is a dogged fighter who is unafraid of taking on any opponent. In our case, we sued the largest ambulance company in the country. Marc never blinked in the face of this corporate giant. As a result of his diligence and thoroughness, Marc discovered critical investigative documents which proved that the defendant had withheld the truth about what happened to our sister. His skills as a trial lawyer were remarkable. He was always in command of every situation in court. He was unafraid of challenging rulings by the judge which he believed were either unfair or against the law. His oral advocacy was equally impressive. Ultimately, he won the trial and received for my family a just verdict. We felt that he was an effective and eloquent champion for our beloved sister who died as a result of the inattention of the ambulance team. We feel that we achieved true justice and we have Marc to thank for it. We would recommend him to any person or family in need of highly skilled, intelligent, strategic and compassionate lawyer.

Peter Zacarelli

It is has been an absolute pleasure and I am very fortunate to say that I had Ron Gluck as representation in my recent Personal Injury case in a head on collison with a Drunk Driver in Jan 2013. After countless efforts of speaking with alleged Top attorneys in Boston I knew that Ron was by far the best upon speaking with him from my initial phone call. Although it was a scary and confusing process to put your trust in an attorneys hands, Ron took the time to ask and answer all the right questions. He then called me in to his office to meet directly before even consideration of taking the case. Ron never threw the pitch of an estimated settlement figure to lure me in as a client. His empathy for my injuries and sincere honesty were the reasons I hired Ron as the best representation for my case. He took his time and walked me through the entire process step by step explaining what to expect along the way. Upon our initial meeting he already had the information from the police report and insurance company prepared for discussion. Ron took his time to walk me through the paperwork and explain to me what a realistic settlement would look like before proceeding. There were never any surprises and I must say that he went above and beyond to obtain the highest possible settlement beyond our initial meeting and my expectations. I am very grateful that there is an attorney in Boston who looks in the best interest of his clients as opposed to the financial return for his firm. That person is Ron Gluck.

Michael Mariano

David White was absolutely terrific in handling my case a few years back and my wife's this year. Dealing with David is a totally seamless affair - he regularly communicates with you, provides superb counsel and is simply an easy person with whom to work. We were very satisfied with our respective outcomes and I highly recommend him.

Mark Sheeran

My infant son ingested foreign contamination from a consumer product at the beginning of this year. When my husband and I realized this, we were horrified. After a long night in the ER and many weeks of painful blood testing and X-rays for my baby, we were referred to Marc Breakstone by our family attorney. The representation was so stress free for my husband and I. Marc dealt with everything while we focused on our baby's health and monitoring his blood levels to make sure things were going back to normal. He also found a specialized toxicologist for us to explain things in more detail so we knew exactly what our son was exposed to and also some guidance on what we might expect in the future. He not only cared about the justice we were deserving of, he cared about my son. We are so grateful that we chose him as our council in this matter. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an incredibly intelligent, driven attorney who actually cares about his clients.

Robin Towne

Ron Gluck represented me after I was severely injured when I was hit by a car while I was walking in a crosswalk. Initially I was represented by an attorney who did not specialize in serious injury cases and the case was not going well. I then retained Ron to represent me. As soon as Ron became my lawyer he informed me of what his strategy would be. He began the process of deciding which expert witness would be retained to investigate and prove the severity of the damages I suffered. I felt confident from the start that Ron would go the distance to make sure I was protected financially for the future. When I was hit by the car, I suffered serious injuries including a brain injury, fractures and other orthopedic injuries. These injuries required brain surgery, hospital stays, and ongoing medical treatment for approximately 2 years. Ron was very understanding of my injuries and how much they had impacted my life. He always returned my calls and was very respectful of how I was dealing with the pain, and the difficulties resulting from the accident. He understood the issues involved with a brain injury and the subtle ways they could affect my thinking an emotional well being. He made sure that all aspects of my injuries and losses were evaluated by top medical and vocational experts. The experts were from the large medical centers of Boston and all were on the faculty of the top medical schools in Boston. Approximately one year after Ron became my lawyer, the case went to pre trial medication. After a full day of mediation Ron advised me to reject the “final offer” the insurer made at the end of the first mediation session because he believed the offer would not fairly compensate me for my injuries. He continued to work on the case and several months later the insurer made an offer that Ron and I felt was fair and would protect me financially from the long term challenges I would face from my injuries. His advice to be patient and his determination to see that I receive fair compensation made all the difference in the amount I received. Throughout the process Ron was a strong advocate, professional, calm and reassuring, I highly recommend Ron to anyone who has suffered serious injuries.

Dave Adams

Attorney David W. White, Jr. represented me on a personal injury claim, which was resolved to my advantage during negotiations with representatives of an insurance company. Over a period of many months, David responded to my calls and emails within hours; he listened carefully to my questions and concerns, and he addressed them head on. During the settlement meeting it was clear that Mr. White already had great credibility with the carrier’s representatives. They never contested liability, and they also accepted the report of Mr. White’s medical expert. The conversations were low key and cordial. There was no posturing; there were no raised voices. David was always entirely professional; elegant even. I have heard it said that a good settlement is one that leaves both parties dissatisfied. My experience shows, however, that is not a rule of universal application. I remain delighted with the result that David achieved for me.

Janet Byrne

I just want to say when I called Marc Breakstone about a fall I had taken he wasn't sure about the case. He listened to what happened and said yes I will take the case because you are a friend and I like you. He said he couldn't promise anything because a slip and fall is hard to prove. It was a matter of who was at fault the owners of the building or the city. He assigned the case to his Associate Sam Segal. I will tell you that Sam is the nicest, kindest person and also Brilliant. It is four years later and after much hard work Sam won a Judgment Summary against the owners of the building. This was a major turning point in my case. We have settled the case out of court through Mediation. Between all the hard work and patience of both Marc and Sam I never would have won. I would highly recommend the Law Firm of Breakstone, White & Gluck, PC to everyone who needs a Lawyer with outstanding Work Ethics, Kindness and all around just the most understanding people as where Marc Breakstone and Sam Segal. Outstanding!

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David really cared about me as an individual…and he really cared about seeking the justice that needed to be sought in the case. Peter
Ron got the insurance company to settle for the maximum on the policy. And so as a result of that, my son went back to school. Jeff
Marc just guided us through the whole process. He told us exactly what would happen and how we needed to go about doing everything. Jesenia
I would recommend David…The outcome of my case, I was very pleased with it. I hope I don't have another accident, but if I do we'll be back to see David. Paul
Ron was excellent. He was on top of everything. He answered every question. John
Marc was extremely professional. I felt very confident that he knew exactly what he was doing. This is his area of practice and I had total confidence in him and I actually have recommended him to other people who have been in accidents. Josh