Teen Driver Accidents in Massachusetts

Boston Lawyers Helping Accident Victims Hold Careless Teenagers Accountable

Teen drivers are notorious for posing elevated risks to other people on the road. Without significant experience operating a vehicle unsupervised, they are more prone to being involved in accidents that can seriously injure other motorists and pedestrians. For example, teenagers are more likely than adult drivers to get distracted or act with a reckless disregard for the safety of others. As experienced Boston car accident lawyers, the attorneys at Breakstone, White & Gluck have assisted many victims with aggressively pursuing their right to compensation following a teen driver accident.

Understanding the Heightened Risks Associated with Teen Drivers

In addition to their lack of experience behind the wheel, teen drivers’ increased risk of being involved in a car accident can be attributed to a number of factors. Even though teens under the age of 18 are prohibited from using their phones, many of them have a hard time staying off their phones while driving. And even though it is illegal for anybody to text or surf the internet, teens notoriously break this law. Drunk driving is another common factor leading to teen driver accidents. Having too many passengers in the vehicle, wearing headphones while driving, or refraining from wearing seatbelts are additional causes of these accidents. In general, teenagers tend to be overconfident in their ability to handle a vehicle and act immaturely behind the wheel without thinking about the consequences.

If a teen driver causes you to suffer injuries in an accident, Massachusetts allows you to seek compensation from the teenager. However, there may be certain complexities to the situation. Obtaining evidence from witnesses, who may also be teenagers, can be difficult. Teens may be fearful that they will get in trouble, or they may worry that they will face backlash from their peers for speaking about the circumstances leading up to the crash. Analyzing the potential liability of additional parties, such as the teen’s parents, and retaining expert witnesses, also may be vital to a successful case. Our attorneys are skilled at maneuvering through the sensitive and complicated features of these cases.

Establishing Liability Against a Teen Driver

To recover damages from the driver who injured you, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against him or her. In this action, your attorney will need to show that the teenager was driving negligently at the time of the accident. Even though they are technically children, Massachusetts law holds teen drivers to the same standard of care as any other driver because they are engaged in the adult activity of operating a vehicle. This standard requires drivers to use the same reasonable care and skill that a prudent driver would use when faced with the same situation.

There are many ways in which a teen driver might have failed to use due care. A reasonable driver would refrain from distracted driving activities like talking on a phone or texting. Massachusetts has even enacted a law that prohibits junior operators (individuals under 18) from using a cell phone while driving. This includes hands-free devices as well as holding the cell phone. Additionally, Massachusetts prohibits all drivers from texting while driving. If we find that the teen driver was using a cell phone at the time of the crash, we can offer this evidence to show that the teen driver was acting negligently.

After showing that the teen driver failed to drive with appropriate care, your lawyer must show that this was the cause of your injuries. The standard test requires a plaintiff’s attorney to show that his or her injuries would not have happened but for the teen driver’s failure to drive prudently. The last step in the lawsuit involves determining the amount of compensation that the plaintiff is entitled to recover. Common types of damages that plaintiffs seek from careless teenagers include medical bills, missed wages, damage to their vehicle, and pain and suffering.

Seek Guidance from a Compassionate Lawyer in Boston

If you were injured in a teen driver accident, you may be entitled to compensation. At Breakstone, White & Gluck, we make it our priority to ensure that victims receive compassionate and dedicated legal counsel throughout the entire process. We can vigorously protect your rights in legal matters involving insurance companies, which often try to avoid paying claims even when liability is clear. If you were hit by a teen driver who failed to yield at an intersection or otherwise drove carelessly, you should not hesitate to explore your legal options. We represent people in Boston, Cambridge, Waltham, Lowell, Newton, Somerville, Quincy, Dedham, Norwood, Brookline, Attleboro, Barnstable, Brockton, Plymouth, Worcester, Lawrence, and Springfield, among other cities. To schedule your free consultation, call us now at 1-800-379-1244 or contact us online.