Spinal Cord Injuries

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A spinal cord injury can seriously affect one's quality of life. Damage to the nerves found in the spinal column can cause pain or numbness in certain parts of the body and even paralysis. If the injury is severe, it can lead to temporary or permanent loss of work, and in extreme cases the inability to care for oneself independently. Generally, a spinal cord injury is caused by a severe trauma—such as a motor vehicle collision or a fall—or from medical malpractice

The spinal cord injury attorneys at Breakstone, White & Gluck, P.C. of Boston have handled many cases in the state of Massachusetts, including spinal injuries resulting from medical malpractice and motor vehicle accidents. 

Some common causes of spinal cord injuries include:

  • Severe Trauma
  • Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Falls
  • Lifting
  • Incorrect Positioning during an Operation
  • Herniated Discs
  • Surgery Complications
  • Failed Spine Fusion Surgery
According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, car accidents are the number one cause of spinal cord injuries, followed by falls, violence and sports activities.

Compensation in a Spinal Cord Injury

The party found liable may be responsible for compensating the following: lost wages—past and future, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and medical expenses. If paralysis plays a role in the injury, long-term life care plans must be made and budgeted. Calculating these medical and life care expenses requires the expertise of health care experts, the attorney, and the family. The costs can vary greatly, depending on a person's age, their medical needs and other factors.

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, there are approximately 285,000 individuals currently living with spinal cord injuries, with 17,500 new cases each year. About 80 percent are men.

Just 13 percent of individuals are employed a year after a spinal cord injury, the center reports. This number does increase some over time. Twenty years after a spinal cord injury, approximately one third of individuals are working, though often at a reduced capacity.

In a spinal cord injury case, there are a number of potential liable parties, which vary significantly depending on events surrounding the injury. This list can include drivers in collision accidents, medical professionals in medical malpractice cases, property owners, employers or equipment manufacturers.

Choosing a Massachusetts Spinal Injury Attorney

Spinal cord injury cases are complex and difficult, and often take a long time to resolve due to the intricacy of the litigation involved. It is important to choose a spinal injury lawyer carefully to get the best results on your case. Our Choosing an Attorney page answers many other questions you may have about choosing an experienced Massachusetts spinal cord injury attorney.

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