$575,000 Personal Injury – High speed truck collision resulting in an automobile accident


Personal Injury

Injuries: Multiple rib fractures, lacerated spleen, vertebral fractures, hip fracture.Amount of Recovery: $575,000.00

Plaintiff’s Counsel: Marc L. Breakstone Boston, MA

Court: Middlesex Superior Court

Other Useful Information

The 33-year old plaintiff was exiting the Massachusetts Turnpike in Springfield, Massachusetts, when his car was struck broadside by a delivery truck operated by defendant. Plaintiff suffered fractures of all of his ribs on the left-hand side, as well as a fractured pelvis, fractured vertebral processes and a closed head injury. Aggressive investigation revealed several witnesses who observed the defendant operator drive through a red light at the time of the collision. Defendant was an employee of a South Dakota corporation, which was delivering playsets to a local retailer. Plaintiff was disabled from his job for approximately four months and returned to his position halftime for another six months. After nine months of total and partial disability, he returned to his full-time duties. Plaintiff was left with a slight limp and an inability to lift heavy objects with his left side.