$1,250,000 Motorcycle Accident – Car Cuts Off Motorcyclist Who Suffers Severe Orthopedic Injuries


Motorcycle Accident

Case Handled by: Ronald E. Gluck

This horrific motorcycle accident occurred because the driver of a sedan made a left turn right in front of our client’s motorcycle leaving him no room to stop before he crashed into the side of the sedan. Before the crash occurred our client was driving his motorcycle safely in a line of traffic, wearing proper motorcycle clothing to ensure his safety. In spite of all of his efforts to be safe, he suffered very serious injuries which resulted in an extensive hospitalization, multiple surgeries, extensive post hospitalization inpatient rehabilitation and permanent injuries. The driver of the sedan was cited by the police for her negligent driving and her insurance company ultimately paid $1,250,000 to compensate our client for his injuries and extensive damages.

The client’s injuries included multiple fractures of his pelvis, fractures of his lower leg, an injury to his peroneal nerve which caused a significant foot drop and other less severe injuries. Unfortunately, during the course of surgery to repair his fractures, a piece of bone fragment cut an artery, causing a major loss of blood on the operating table. Doctors used heroic efforts to stop the bleeding and were successful in saving his life. Unfortunately, due to the significant blood loss and the complications during surgery the client was required to stay in the hospital for approximately two weeks and then spend another two weeks in a rehabilitation hospital.

Prior to the accident the client was employed as an executive at a national company. His job required him to do extensive traveling throughout the world. Due to his injuries and lengthy rehabilitation process, he was absent from work for several months. When he returned to work he had great difficulty walking, and required the use of crutches and a cane for several more months. Long distance travel was problematic for him for an extended period of time.

In the years leading up to the motorcycle collision, the client enjoyed staying in good physical shape by playing basketball, riding his bicycle, playing golf and walking around the lake near his home. As a result of the severe injuries that he suffered, he is no longer able to play basketball, he can no longer play golf and he has difficulty walking on uneven surfaces. At the end of his treatment, his most serious lasting problem was the significant foot drop caused by the injury to his peroneal nerve. As a result of the foot drop he is required to wear a brace in his shoe to enable him to walk steadily on many surfaces.

Attorney Ron Gluck, who has successfully represented many seriously injured motorcyclists, was successful in persuading the insurance company at the outset of the case that the client would never accept an offer of less than the full policy limits of $1,250,000. As a result, our client was fairly compensated for his injuries when the insurance company paid the policy limits, one and a half years after the collision occurred.