$400,000 Traumatic Injury


Traumatic Injury

Injuries: Medical negligence during hysterectomy causing severe injury to both ureters

Amount of Recovery: $400,000.00.

Plaintiffs’ Attorney: Marc L. Breakstone Boston, Massachusetts

Court: Middlesex Superior Court

Details of the Case

This medical malpractice case was brought on behalf of a previously active 37-year-old plaintiff who suffered severe  complications as a result of a negligent hysterectomy.  The failure of the doctors to protect plaintiff’s ureters (the tubes between the kidneys and the bladder) during surgery led to the stapling of the ureters.  As a result, she suffered complete obstruction of the right ureter and near complete obstruction of the left ureter.

As a result of the uretral obstructions, plaintiff required sixteen additional surgeries and invasive diagnostic procedures.  The doctors’ negligence caused her to suffer significantly. She has had incontinence since the incident and now faces a greater risk of developing complications from kidney stones than she would have had the procedure been performed properly.  Plaintiff’s relationship with her husband was negatively impacted by the incident, and, as a result, the settlement included payment for loss of consortium.

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