$350,000 Construction Accident – Wrist Fracture


Construction Accident

Injuries: Fracture of right wrist, including distal radius fracture and avulsion fracture at the second carpo-metacarpal joint.Amount of Recovery: $300,000.00.

Date of Settlement: Settled at mediation before final pre-trial conference

Plaintiffs’ Lawyer: David W. White Boston, Massachusetts

Other Useful Information

Plaintiff was working as a laborer for a subcontractor at a construction site. He was injured while unloading a hamper of construction debris into a dumpster. The accident occurred when a metal plate, which was being used as a bridge from the loading dock to the dumpster, slipped, causing the plaintiff to fall between the dumpster and the loading dock.

Plaintiff never required surgery for his injuries, but he did develop a pain syndrome that precluded his return to work as a laborer. The defendants sharply contested the cause and extent of the injuries claimed by the plaintiff.

A workers’ compensation lien of over $200,000 was significantly compromised as part of the settlement.

The matter was resolved prior to trial.

Choosing a Massachusetts Construction Accident Attorney

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