$390,000 Construction Accident – Spinal fracture with surgery


Construction Accident

Injuries: Spinal fracture with surgeryAmount of Recovery: $390,000

Plaintiff’s Lawyer: Ronald E. Gluck Boston

Special Damages: Medical Expenses – Approx. $105,000

Details of the Case

The injury occurred when the plaintiff fell from a roof due to unsafe staging by the general contractor. The plaintiff, a 47-year-old roofer, was acting as an independent contractor at the time of the incident. Several OSHA violations were found in the post-accident investigation.

The plaintiff, an experienced roofer, suffered a fracture of the spine and underwent surgery. He made a good recovery and has transitioned into another line of work.

The major obstacle in the case involved allegations that the plaintiff consumed several beers approximately two hours before the incident occurred and that this contributed to his fall. This obstacle was overcome by use of laboratory results confirming that no alcohol was found in his blood, by strategic exposure of the witnesses’ bias toward their employer, who was the defendant general contractor in the case, and by exposing the criminal record of one of the key witnesses for crimes related to dishonesty.

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