$1,100,000 Car Accident – Pedestrian suffered head injury and leg fractures


Car Accident

Injuries: Closed head injury; Multiple leg fractures requiring open reduction internal fixation

Amount of Settlement: $1,100,000

Special Damages: Medical Expenses more than $300,000

Plaintiff’s Lawyer: Attorney David W. White Boston, Massachusetts

Details of the Case

Motor Vehicle Accident; Plaintiff suffered a comminuted femur fracture (shattered thigh bone) which required open reduction and internal fixation. A metal rod was inserted in her leg and it had to be removed approximately one year later. Plaintiff also suffered severe pulmonary fat embolism, which was a severe lung complication, which resulted in several days of coma, and which led to slightly compromised pulmonary function. Plaintiff also suffered post-traumatic stress injuries and recurrent nightmares.


Plaintiff was a seventeen-year-old high school student in her senior year when she was injured while riding as a front seat passenger in a friend’s car. The car crash occurred as they were proceeding straight through an intersection with an on-ramp to Route 3 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, when then they were cut off by a left turning pick-up truck. The truck was owned by the defendant construction company, and was being operated by its president, though the accident occurred after working hours.

Plaintiff suffered a severe thigh bone fracture which required open reduction and internal fixation with a metal rod (intermedullary rod). She also suffered a patella contusion which required later arthroscopic surgery. Right after the rod was placed in the plaintiff’s broken leg, the plaintiff suffered a fat embolism which greatly compromised her breathing; she was placed in a coma at Children’s Hospital and was kept on a ventilator for several days. While she was in a coma, she was in critical condition.

Despite her broken leg, plaintiff was able to return to school after several weeks of recuperation, but was precluded from resuming any sports activities. She had previously been an active soccer player. Plaintiff was unable to return to her part-time jobs during this time.

Plaintiff recovered reasonably well from her physical injuries, with minor scarring from her operation, but with persistent knee pain and some compromised pulmonary function. Plaintiff did, however, continue to suffer psychologically from the post-traumatic stress, which required a period of counseling. She had recurrent, intrusive nightmares from the time that she was kept on the ventilator.

Plaintiff brought claims against the driver of the car she was in and the truck driver. The claims against her driver were settled quickly for the policy limits of $50,000. The balance of the settlement was paid by the insurer of the pick-up truck after two days of mediation.

Medical bills had been paid by PIP and by Mass Health. All outstanding insurance and medical liens were compromised for under $20,000.