$477,989 Car Accident Head-on collision, traumatic brain injury


Personal Injury

Injuries: Brain Hemorrhage, Traumatic Brain Injury

Amount of Settlement: $477,989.08

Plaintiff’s Lawyer: Attorney Marc L. Breakstone Boston, MA

Details of the Case

The plaintiff in this case was a 62-year old stay-at-home dad. He was involved in a car accident when his car was hit head-on by defendant at a high speed in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  As a result of the head-on collision, plaintiff was hospitalized at Beverly Hospital for six days.  He was diagnosed with a concussion and released.

Approximately one week later, he developed significant headaches. He was rushed back the hospital where they found that the car accident had caused a brain hemorrhage.

The plaintiff was rushed into emergency surgery for removal of the bleeding inside his skull.  He underwent a burr hole procedure where holes were drilled in his skull to release the blood and pressure on his brain.

Following the surgery, plaintiff noted difficulty with language and memory.  The traumatic brain injury caused mild cognitive deficits, which were documented on neuropsychological examination.

The case was resolved at arbitration with an award in the amount of $477,989.08.  The arbitrator was Jeffrey Stern of Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen.  The arbitrator found 100% fault against the driver of the car that caused the head-on collision.

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