$3,000,000 for Child Cyclist Hit by Pick-Up Truck – Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiples, and Internal Injuries


Bicycle Accident

Injuries: Skull fractures, traumatic brain injury, multiple fractures, internal injuries

Amount of Settlement: $3,000,000

Plaintiff’s Attorney: David W. White, Boston

Details of the Case

The minor plaintiff was riding her bicycle to school when she was struck by an on-coming, large pick-up truck. Accident reconstruction indicated the truck had moved over into the breakdown lane where the plaintiff was riding. The mirror of the truck struck her head, causing severe skull fractures and intracranial bleeding. She sustained multiple other fractures and internal injuries. At the time of the collision, the roads were clear and dry, it was daylight, direct sunlight was not a factor, and the sightlines for the truck were excellent. In short, there was no reason why the driver should not have seen the cyclist; the liability was very clear.

Plaintiff’s injuries were severe. She was Med-Flighted to the local trauma hospital where she remained for just over three weeks in the trauma intensive care unit. She was then transferred to a rehabilitation hospital where she was inpatient for two months. After discharge she continued with intensive therapies focused on restoring cognitive functions, physical strength and coordination.

Plaintiff was able to return to public school the following year in a special needs classroom. She has begun participating in sports and a number of social activities, though her rehabilitation still has a considerable way to go. Plaintiff is fortunate to have the amazing support of her loving family who have dedicated themselves to her recovery.

Medical bills exceeded $1,000,000. Medical liens were reduced by negotiation. A portion of the settlement funds were placed in a structured settlement, and the balance was placed in a special needs trust.

The case was settled prior to suit for the full limits of the insurance liability policies.