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Pedestrians in a crosswalk in Quincy, Massachusetts
We should all be able to safely cross the street without fear of injury. But drivers do not always watch for pedestrians. If you have been injured in a Quincy pedestrian accident, it is critical that you contact an attorney with proven experience obtaining compensation for other pedestrian crash victims and their families.

Pedestrian accidents are rising nationwide as drivers bring more distractions into the car. In Massachusetts, 73 pedestrians were killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2015 and 2016, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. Over the years, Quincy drivers have caused pedestrian crashes along Quincy Shore Drive and Hancock Street in Quincy Center.

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If you or a loved one has been injured, contact Breakstone, White & Gluck of Boston. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing pedestrians after serious and fatal accidents. We will thoroughly investigate the accident and aggressively pursue the best result for you. For a free legal consultation, contact our Quincy pedestrian accident lawyers today at 800-379-1244 or 617-723-7676 or use our contact form.

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$7.1 million: An MBTA bus hit our client in a crosswalk; our firm won at trial and appeal.
$1.375 million: Our client was hit by a bus and suffered traumatic brain injury.
$1.25 million:  Our client was struck in a crosswalk and killed.

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Pedestrian Accidents in Quincy

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in Quincy. From 2004 to 2013, there were 88 pedestrian crashes on a cluster of streets in Quincy Center, according to Massachusetts Department of Transportation. The area included the busy Hancock Street and Temple Street intersection. Car crashes injured 58 pedestrians, killing one person.

This is just one cluster. Across the city, Quincy saw 23 pedestrians die in car crashes from 2003 to mid-2016, according to the Patriot Ledger. The newspaper reported an average of 69 pedestrian injuries were reported in Quincy each year between 2002 and 2014.

Quincy Shore Drive Pedestrian Accidents. There have been several fatal pedestrian accidents along this road, which must be crossed to access Quincy Shore Reservation and Wollaston Beach. In 2015, a 65-year-old Braintree man was hit and killed by a Toyota Corolla, as he attempted to cross the street to get ice cream for his wife. Police said the man had been trying to use a crosswalk and another driver had stopped to let him pass. The driver was charged with motor vehicle homicide, but was found not guilty by a jury after a three-day trial in Quincy Superior Court. 

Quincy Cab Driver Hits Passenger. In December 2016, a 54-year-old Quincy taxi driver was charged with motor vehicle homicide by negligent operation, a misdemeanor offense, in the death of his passenger, according to the Patriot Ledger. The driver dropped his 68-year-old passenger off at his Quincy Avenue home, accepted his fare and handled the paperwork. Then, without looking, he backed out of the driveway and hit his passenger.

Lower Speed Limit. To make city roads safer, the Quincy City Council voted to reduce the default speed limit on certain roads - thickly settled or business districts - from 30 to 25 mph in 2017. This change will benefit Quincy's 92,000 residents and 13 neighborhoods, including Quincy Center, Merrymount, Marina Bay, Wollaston and Germantown.

Hard to Cross Four Lane Streets. The Quincy Bicycle and Pedestrian Network Plan notes that Quincy has sidewalks on most roads - at least 79 percent of main roads and 82 percent of local roads. This should be an advantage. Except as anyone who lives or works in Quincy knows, the city's four-lane roads are very wide and hard to cross. Two problem areas are Hancock Street and Quincy Shore Drive. A planning agency recommended a reduction in the traffic lanes on Quincy Shore Drive. This would give pedestrians more room and cyclists will get a new bike lane. 

In Quincy Center, the city has taken a different approach. It has re-routed traffic and installed new traffic signals in 2016. The new signals are in front of the Presidents Place and near the Church of the Presidents on Hancock Street.

Why Should I Contact a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

Our Quincy pedestrian car crash lawyers have over 100 years combined experience representing pedestrians who have been injured by negligent and reckless drivers. We provide aggressive representation and have a proven track record of success in pedestrian accident cases. We are committed to fighting for justice for our clients after a traumatic accident.

The stakes are high after a pedestrian accident. First, it is important to receive the best medical care available, then you should contact our attorneys so we can start an immediate investigation and begin to prepare a claim against the driver at fault.

After a pedestrian accident, you may not be able to work for a period of time or you may not be able to return to work at all. Our attorneys can help you answer your questions and help you with every aspect of your case so you can focus on your recovery. 

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