Intracranial Hemorrhage

Intracranial Hemorrhage

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The birth of a child should be a joyous occasion. Unfortunately, our Boston birth injury lawyers have seen many situations in which preventable medical errors lead to catastrophic outcomes for mother and baby. Among the most devastating are brain injuries to the newborn resulting from delayed or misdiagnosis of fetal distress. During the birthing process, the mother and baby are closely monitored for signs of the baby not getting enough oxygen. When this occurs, care providers must move quickly to rescue the baby. Often, this involves performing an emergency C-Section. If distress occurs while the baby is in the birth canal, often the providers will use assistive devices to extract the baby. Sadly the use of these devices can severely damage the baby’s brain. One of the most serious birth injuries is intracranial hemorrhage, which refers bleeding inside the skull. When the patients involved are pregnant mothers and babies during delivery, the outcome can be catastrophic. There are many different ways that intracranial bleeding can occur during a birth, and medical professionals are trained to identify potential threats that lead to brain bleeds and to treat any brain bleed in a prompt and appropriate fashion. Despite this, many medical professionals fail to render sufficient care during the birthing process. At Breakstone, White & Gluck, we proudly assist Massachusetts victims with seeking the compensation that they deserve following an avoidable birth injury. Even if you are simply wanting to learn more about your legal rights and options, our seasoned team of trial lawyers is ready to assist you.

Understanding the Risks Associated with Intracranial Hemorrhages

When it comes to brain bleeds during birth, this type of trauma usually results from difficulty exiting the birth canal or situations in which the attending physician uses clamps or another type of device to try and remove the baby from the birth canal. In some situations, a larger baby may increase the odds of a brain bleed, partially due to the fact that doctors often must use forceps to help twist and turn larger babies through the birth canal to deliver them. Although these tools are helpful, they can cause serious damage like intracranial bleeding if they are not used appropriately.

If your baby suffers from a brain bleed during the birth process, he or she can suffer serious consequences. The baby’s skull is not fully formed at the time that the baby is born, which means that the brain can swell inside the cavity, which is only closed partially.

A physician must watch carefully for signs of swelling and monitor them diligently to ensure that the swelling dissipates at an appropriate rate. The baby may need to undergo a CT scan or MRI to determine the extent of the bleeding and assess whether any permanent damage to the brain has resulted. If the baby suffers brain damage, he or she may face a lifetime of cognitive disabilities. There are other types of hemorrhages that involve brain bleeds, such as cerebral hemorrhages that have stroke-like symptoms and that result from a ruptured blood vessel. Consulting an experienced birth injury lawyer can help you determine the nature and cause of the intracranial hemorrhage that your baby suffered and whether the incident involved substandard medical care.

If your baby was injured during the birth process, you can bring a medical malpractice claim against the professional who was responsible to recover compensation for your injuries and damages. You may also have a claim against the hospital that employed the medical professional, as well as any medical professionals who assisted at the time that the injury occurred, such as interns, residents, and nurses. In the lawsuit, your attorney will need to show that the doctor or other defendants did not use reasonable care and skill when treating your baby and you. In general, doctors are required to use the same practices and procedures that other similarly experienced medical professionals in the region would use when facing a similar medical situation. In addition to showing that they rendered care below this standard, your attorney must show that your baby would not have been injured but for their lack of appropriate care. This is a complex step in the lawsuit and often requires a consultation with a medical expert who can testify regarding the treatment that the defendant rendered and how it caused your baby’s injuries.

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