Failure to Diagnose Stroke

Failure to Diagnose Stroke

Failure to Diagnose Stroke

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Strokes are life-threatening medical events. A stroke results in an interruption of blood flow to the brain. A stroke can result from a burst blood vessel (hemorrhagic stroke) or a blockage in an artery (ischemic stroke). The injury is life-threatening because brain cells are cut off from their vital supply of oxygen. Strokes can cause brain damage that is disabling. The victim of a stroke may lose the ability to communicate and will suffer physical impairments. In a severe case, a stroke may cause death. Immediate treatment is required. Proper care of a stroke requires prompt diagnosis and immediate medical treatment. If a doctor fails to identify a stroke in a patient and fails to begin immediate treatment, the doctor can be held liable for failing to diagnose the stroke. At Breakstone, White & Gluck, our Boston stroke misdiagnosis lawyers have assisted numerous victims and their families with understanding their legal rights following traumatic medical malpractice incidents such as strokes

Identifying the Signs of a Stroke

There are a few widely recognized ways to identify patients who may be at moderate or high risk of suffering a stroke. First, a patient experiencing a condition called transient ischemic attack is a sign that they may be headed for a stroke. This is a temporary stroke condition that lasts roughly 10 to 20 minutes. When treating this condition, the doctor can implement other protocols to help the patient reduce their risk of suffering a full-scale stroke. In addition to TIA, a number of other signs may indicate that the individual is suffering a stroke. Some of the most common signs are paralysis in certain portions of the body, lack of memory, inability to communicate or speak, inability to write or read, inability to eat, seizures, behavioral changes, anxiety, or depression.

If your loved one is exhibiting any of these signs, it is critical that you alert medical professionals immediately to prevent further harm or even death. There are diagnostic tests that can be performed to determine whether someone may be at risk of suffering a stroke. A physician can also order a consultation with a neurologist, who can help whether the patient is suffering from a stroke.

Bring a Personal Injury Claim Against a Physician Who Failed to Diagnose a Stroke

If you suffer a stroke due to a physician’s failure to make a timely and appropriate diagnosis, a stroke misdiagnosis attorney in the Boston area can help you bring a negligence action against them to recover compensation for your damages. Under Massachusetts medical malpractice law a physician is held to the standard of care that other physicians in the same region would use, taking into account their specialties, their training, and generally accepted medical practices in the community.

As a result of this standard, medical malpractice actions routinely require the parties to retain expert witnesses to testify regarding whether the defendant met the standard of care. A physician may commit malpractice in the context of a stroke in a number of ways. They may fail to analyze the patient’s medical history, including stroke risk factors such as high blood pressure, fail to examine the patient for signs of a stroke, misread test results, fail to order additional tests or consultations, or misdiagnose the stroke as another medical condition. In addition to establishing that the physician failed to render adequate care, you must also show that this was the direct cause of the injuries that you suffered. As far as damages, a successful plaintiff can recover compensation for things like medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Explore Your Options with a Boston Stroke Misdiagnosis Attorney

If you or someone you love has suffered stroke-related injuries as a result of a physician’s failure to diagnose your symptoms, you may be entitled to compensation. The legal professionals at Breakstone, White & Gluck have guided numerous victims and their families through the legal process following a misdiagnosis of a stroke, a heart attack, meningitis, or cancer. Whether it is gathering evidence, retaining expert witnesses, or helping you understand your rights, we will stand by you. We offer a free consultation and serve people in Boston, Cambridge, Waltham, Lowell, Newton, Somerville, Quincy, Dedham, Norwood, Brookline, Attleboro, Barnstable, Brockton, Plymouth, Worcester, Lawrence, and Springfield. Call us now at 1-800-379-1244 or contact us online to get started on discussing your case with a stroke misdiagnosis lawyer in the Boston area.