Facial Paralysis

Facial Paralysis

Facial Paralysis

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Realizing that your baby has suffered facial paralysis during the birthing process as a result of professional negligence is a nightmare. Giving birth is daunting enough without having to deal with unexpected injuries and disabilities. Having counseled families affected by birth injuries throughout Massachusetts, we have seen firsthand how traumatic and emotional this situation can be. Our team of Boston birth injury lawyers has the experience that it takes to navigate an injury claim involving complex medical concepts and disputed issues. While you are coping with the grief that you are experiencing, we can investigate your potential claim, gather evidence, bring lawsuits ot protect your rights, negotiate with defendants and insurance companies, and help you pursue the outcome that you deserve.

Understanding Facial Paralysis During Childbirth

Although any type of injury that affects a newborn is devastating for the family, injuries to the face are especially worrisome. People’s faces often command the most attention and become part of their identity throughout their lives. If a baby suffers a facial injury that renders him or her paralyzed, it could have devastating consequences for his or her future, including any social and professional life.

There are many reasons that facial paralysis can occur during the birthing process due to negligence. One way is through increased pressure on the face while the baby is in the birth canal. Additionally, increased pressure from tools used to assist delivery like forceps can cause damage to the nerves in the face that results in paralysis. Although these devices can be used safely in many instances, if they are used improperly, the injuries that result can be permanent and devastating. There are other devices like vacuums that are designed to assist with delivery but can cause facial paralysis if they are not applied correctly to the infant’s head or used in the proper manner.

It may not be immediately apparent that your baby has developed facial paralysis. Some of the symptoms include weakness of muscles around their mouth, which can be shown during crying, or an unevenness in their face. Fortunately, many facial paralysis injuries are temporary, but in some tragic instances, the injuries are permanent.

Hold a Careless Medical Professional Liable

If your baby suffered facial paralysis during the childbirth process, you and your child may be entitled to compensation from the medical professionals who caused the injury. A birth injury case is a type of medical malpractice claim. Your attorney can file a medical malpractice claim against any medical professional who may be liable for your child’s injuries, including nursing staff. In a medical malpractice case involving babies, the main task is proving that the defendant failed to treat your baby with the appropriate level of medical care and that this caused the injury to occur. In general, medical professionals in Massachusetts are required to use the accepted practices and procedures used by other professionals in the area with similar backgrounds and experience when treating patients with the same health histories and conditions.

One of the most complex aspects of a birth injury case is proving that the defendant’s lack of appropriate care caused the baby’s injury. There are many different medical conditions and events that can take place during birth, and the defendant may seek to show that some other condition or event was primarily to blame for the injury that occurred. In many cases, it is necessary to retain a medical expert witness who can evaluate the baby’s file and explain how the defendant’s lack of care caused the injury to take place. When it comes to damages, there are many different items that you can potentially recover. Past and future medical expenses associated with the paralysis injury, as well as pain and suffering, are just some examples. A dedicated birth injury lawyer can help you evaluate your claim to ensure that you seek the maximum amount of compensation possible.

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