Dog Attack - Eye Injury to Minor Plaintiff

Ruptured globe (eyeball) of one-and-half-year-old boy
Amount of Judgment
Plaintiff's Attorney
Ronald E. Gluck
Boston, Massachusetts
Details of the Case

A Plymouth County jury awarded Mr. Gluck's client approximately $200,000 for an injury to his eye which caused hypersensitivity to light.  The incident, which happened when the boy was one-and-half-years-old, occurred when a friend's dog clawed or bit the boy in the eye, causing a hole which resulted in photophobia (light sensitivity). 

Initially, the boy was taken to the hospital where a procedure was done to close the hole.  However, due to his young age, the hole could not be completely closed.  The hypersensitivity to light became apparent immediately.   Although the boy adapted to his condition and is able to engage in sports, he does so while squinting. 

Defendants argued that a tinted contact lens would solve the problem, but the jury accepted the testimony of the plaintiff's expert ophthalmologist that the boy would, nonetheless, always experience some sensitivity to light as he got older. 

At the time of trial, the boy was ten-years-old and looked perfectly healthy.  However, he testified that although he has learned to deal with his condition he experiences sensitivity to light and feels as if he is always squinting with the injured eye when he is outside. The jury's award of approximately $200,000.00 was $150,000.00 more than the insurance company's top offer prior to trial. 

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