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Massachusetts Auto Insurance Articles

Understanding and Buying Massachusetts Car Accident Insurance
Car insurance can be very confusing, and often a consumer does not realize that their insurance is inadequate until after an accident--when it is too late. Use this guide to make sure you have enough car insurance. 

Infographic: Massachusetts Auto Insurance Coverage Types
Many drivers simply buy the minimum amount of auto insurance required under Massachusetts law. Most drivers need more to fully protect themselves. Our attorneys created this infographic to help you understand the different coverages.

Protecting Yourself Before and After a Car Accident in Massachusetts 
Helpful advice if you are getting started buying auto insurance in Massachusetts, covering your consumer rights, different coverage types and your responsibilities for working with your auto insurer and if you have been involved in a car accident. 

What Every Massachusetts Bicyclist Needs to Know About Car Insurance
You can protect yourself against financial loss caused by a bicycle accident if you have proper and adequate car insurance in your household.

Massachusetts Motorcyclists, Buy the Right Types of Auto Insurance to Protect Yourself and Your Finances
Motorcyclists must buy auto insurance in Massachusetts. You are required to buy a minimum level - known as Compulsory Coverage - but the truth is you should buy even more to protect yourself and your family should you ever be injured. This article explains the importance of buying Medical Payments and other types of Optional Coverage.

Bike Safety Articles

Bike Safety

Gluck Legal Takeaway - Bike Safety Articles
Articles written by Attorney Ron Gluck for the Charles River Wheelers' newsletter, WheelPeople.

Facts About Massachusetts Bicycling Laws
Cyclists often have questions about their rights and obligations under Massachusetts law. We answer some of the most common questions from Massachusetts cyclists, including those about red lights, hand signals and parking bicycles.

Tips for Safe Bike Commuting in Boston
In Boston, more people are cycling than ever before. If you are a cyclist, enjoy your riding time. But be prepared. Take time to learn about bike lanes, dangerous intersections and your rights and responsibilities as a cyclist in Boston.

Medical Safety Articles

The Importance of Getting Your Medical Records 
You have the right to get copies of your medical records from your doctors and any hospital where you were treated. If you suspect a mistake or medical malpractice, it is essential that you get copies as quickly as possible.

Preventing Medical Errors
You can protect yourself at the doctor's office or hospital by knowing your rights and considering have a friend or loved one act as your patient's advocate.

Do You Know Your Doctor's Safety Record? Find Out Now.
In Massachusetts, you can find out your doctor's safety record with just a few keystrokes.

Massachusetts Consumer Safety Articles

Boat Safety Tips to Protect Yourself on the Water
Recreational boating is a favorite New England pastime and a great way to enjoy time with family and friends. By taking a few simple precautions, everyone on board can take pleasure in the water and stay safe.

Pool and Swimming Safety Tips to Avoid Serious Injuries and Death
With the coming heat, our kids will be looking for the closest pool or swimming hole to cool off. Parents need to know the basic rules of safety so that a day at the pool or beach does not turn disastrous.

Parents Reminded of Social Host Liability as Prom Season Begins
Prom and graduation season is the right time for parents to speak to their teenagers about the dangers of drinking and driving. The safety of our children is paramount. Beyond the obvious dangers of their kids drinking and driving, parents need to know about their own potential social host liability if underage drinkers consume alcohol in their home.

Baseball Safety Tips
Baseball is a favorite American pastime, right up there with hot dogs and apple pie. Each spring, children and teenagers all over America are stepping up to the batter's box. It's great fun, but it's important to remember there's risk of serious injury when safety precautions are not taken. Play safe with are our safety tips on baseball equipment, excessive pitching and concussions.

Home Heating Tips to Keep Your Family Safe
When the temperature outdoors drops, educate yourself about how you can keep your family warm and safe.

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