Massachusetts Truck Accident Testimonial

"February 21, 2008 I was coming back from a doctor's visit and my biggest concern was what I was gonna have for supper. And then all of a sudden I look up and I see this big truck coming at me across the lane and heading right for me, and I quick look to see if there was anything I could do to get out of the way. There wasn't, and I thought, "Oh, my God. He's gonna hit me." And crash. And then that that was it. They rushed me to the hospital and after six days in intensive care, I finally made it, and I'm here to tell about it. But it's been a hard struggle; I'm one of these people who was active and had an active life and this has really slowed me down.

"But I really needed a helping hand and somebody to guide what to do with all of this and Marc just stepped right in and he just took care of everything, medical things that I needed and any time that I had a meeting with anybody, he knew I was afraid to go out on the highways. He had them meet at my house. And that was just so, so thoughtful.

"And I really appreciated that. And he not only is a fantastic lawyer, he's just a real great person and a real good friend and I feel so comfortable with him. And his expertise in what he does is just fantastic. Everything is well documented. He has just total, has gotten thought of everything that he needed to bring out and when it came time for the deposition, he had all the pictures.

"He had all the film. He had all the documentation. He laid out everything that had happened. He had filming on a big screen that everybody could see and it was amazing. And he's just become such a good friend and I was so confident in him that I feel like I'm doing anybody looking for a great lawyer I'm doing him a great favor because I really, from my heart, love this man and I recommend him can just as highly as anybody can do it.

"He just takes over and his expertise and knowledge is all you can ask. He just does such a fantastic job. His knowledge and his character and his presentation are number 1. I was just totally happy with him. He's a great guy."

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