Boston Accident Testimonial

The case described below is a Liquor Law Liability case involving a serious motor vehicle accident caused by a man who became intoxicated at a restaurant/bar.  The case for negligence was brought against the driver of the car AND against the restaurant where he had been drinking.  In the course of the litigation it was proven that the employees of the bar failed to follow guidelines mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts related to the service of alcohol.

These guidelines are intended to prevent members of the public from suffering serious injuries or death as a result of people being served alcohol to excess in restaurants and bars and then driving a car after they have become intoxicated.   The restaurant/bar failed to properly train its employees on how to track the amount of alcohol they were serving to patrons. They also failed to train their employees on how to detect whether a person was demonstrating signs of intoxication. These failures resulted in the man becoming drunk and then getting into his car and driving the wrong way down a public road causing a head on collision resulting in serious injuries to our client.  After significant litigation the restaurant’s insurance company paid its One Million dollar insurance policy limit to our client.  Our client’s father’s testimonial of our services in the case is as follows:

"My son and his best friend Paul were driving home about one o'clock on a Thursday night down Route 1 headed toward the Gillette Stadium. When they turn, they were driving around the corner, and a man in a Camaro going the wrong way hit them head on. As it turns out, the guy had a blood alcohol of about triple the legal limit, it was 2.6 something, and my son was badly injured.

"He broke...had 12 facial fractures in his face and they didn't ...They airlifted him to Brigham and Women's Hospital. And then they took us into where he was, and he didn't look like he was alive. His face was bashed and they didn't know how, if he was going to live or die and they put him up into intensive (care). A friend of the family's gave us Ron's name and said, you know, call him maybe he can help you out, so we did. Ron came to the hospital.

"We had a nice conversation. I felt he was a very competent individual and then we went on from there. We kept in touch. He had all kinds of ideas and then pretty quickly into the case he realized that we weren't going to get any money from the man who hit him but he said we had a good chance of getting money from the bar that the guy was drinking at because he had somehow found out, either through police reports or some other way, that I got hit in this bar in I think it was Norwood and he'd been drinking from like nine o'clock at night to one o'clock in the morning.

"...He got the insurance company to settle for the maximum on the policy. And so as a result of that, my son went back to school. He got his Associate's degree in sound engineering and he's going to go back to school again to get his bachelor's in the same thing.

"...They put you at ease. They're competent. They keep you informed. And they win the case."

Attorney Ronald E. Gluck has represented clients injured in personal injury and motor vehicle accident cases for more than 35 years. He has been consistently recognized by Massachusetts Super Lawyers as one of the state's top personal injury lawyers for plaintiffs.