Boston Car Accident Testimonial

I was hit head on by a driver who had fallen asleep and I received multiple leg fractures and facial fractures. I had multiple surgeries. Ron was excellent. He was on top of everything. He answered every question that was stupid questions. He was very, very easy to talk to. I called him and after a few times talking to him it was just like talking to an old acquaintance.

He was really down to earth and just real easy to talk to he really recognized that the injuries that I sustained, he knew how serious they were and he just made sure that I got what I deserved. he really, really pushed to get me what I deserved. The insurance company didn't really want to...wasn't really cooperating I guess.

But Ron, he stuck with it, and it does get frustrating at times because it's a long process. But Ron always you know, I would get really frustrated and Ron would say, "Oh, don't worry. Just listen to me. I'll take care of this." And he did. He stuck with it and he got it done. Really dedicated to the case.

He made it seem like I was his only client. Whenever I called, he was right there. If he wasn't there to take the call, he called me back immediately, even called me when he was on vacation with his family, which I was very surprised at. It was just a stupid question I had but he called me back that day and he was great and I'd recommend him to anybody.

He seems great. He's fantastic to work with.