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Chelsea Car Crash & Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

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Each day, thousands of commuters travel back and forth between Chelsea and Boston, across the Mystic River. The most visible crossing is the Tobin Bridge, which follows Route 1 into Charlestown. Over the years, as traffic gridlock has grown even worse in the Boston region, this area has seen a high number of pedestrian accidents and car crashes. Our firm is known for our expertise in helping clients obtain financial compensation for their injuries, from negligent drivers, truck companies and transit authorities. If you have been injured, learn your legal rights. For a free legal consultation, call 800-379-1244

About Chelsea, MA

First settled in 1624, Chelsea is well-known for its bridges connecting to Boston, though it also shares land borders with Everett and Revere. There is the Tobin Bridge and the Meridian Street bridge, which connects Pearl Street in Chelsea to Meridian Street in East Boston. The Chelsea Street Bridge is another landmark. The vertical lift bridge connects East Boston to Chelsea, with traffic lanes and sidewalks in two directions. Here, there are times when drivers and pedestrians have to wait for boats to pass.

Commuters can also take the MBTA’s bus service to destinations throughout the city and nearby communities. There are 7 bus lines which travel through Chelsea, according to the city website. There is also Commuter Rail service, which travels into North Station in Boston. Finally, there is the Silver Line (SL3), an expansion of the popular Silver Line service from South Station to Logan Airport. SL3 also offers stops in downtown Chelsea, near the Mystic Mall and other areas.

To better serve commuters, the MBTA began construction on a new commuter rail station in 2019. When complete, this station could improve pedestrian safety because commuters will be able to easily connect to the SL3. Prior to this, commuter rail passengers had to do more walking to connect to other modes of transportation.

Even with a zip code near Boston, Chelsea is a very small community land-wise, with just 2.21 square miles of land. Still, the city is home to several distinct neighborhoods and districts. There is the Chelsea Creek waterfront area. Residential areas include Box District near Chelsea City Hall and Mill Hill, near Revere. Historic Chelsea Square sits along the water in the South Broadway neighborhood. Each area has its own traffic signals, crosswalks and parking regulations. Drivers have a responsibility to follow all traffic laws in all areas of the city.

Drivers should be aware that the City of Chelsea has opted to lower its default speed limit to 25 mph and school zones continue to be 20 mph. When Chelsea has road improvements, drivers should expect to see 20 mph work zone speed limits.

Car Accidents and Pedestrian Accidents in Chelsea

Drivers have a responsibility to use reasonable care, even traveling below the speed limit at times when necessary for safety. In Chelsea, there is easy access to public transportation, such as bus stops and transit stations. Because of this, many Chelsea residents and workers walk during at least part of their commute. Drivers should expect to see pedestrians and travel slowly.

While drivers can be negligent and cause crashes anywhere in Massachusetts, the risk for injuries is particularly high in Chelsea with so many pedestrians, cars and large vehicles.

As a result, pedestrians have been seriously injured and killed in Chelsea, including near the Tobin Bridge. According to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, there were more than 260 pedestrian accidents near the Tobin Bridge between 2007 and 2016. These crashes occurred in a cluster including Chestnut Street, Cherry Street, Ash Street and Everett Street.

Crosswalks are not always safe zones. Under Massachusetts law, drivers approaching pedestrians have a duty to yield the right of way, slow down or stop if need be to yield to a pedestrian crossing the road within a crosswalk. Drivers must stop when traffic lights signal for pedestrians to cross. Yet many drivers do not stop. There have been cases of hit-and-run crashes which have seriously injured pedestrians right in crosswalks in Chelsea.

Chelsea Bus and Truck Accidents

At any given time, Chelsea has a high number of MBTA buses traveling within the city. Other large vehicles travel in and out to business areas. These large vehicles can be a safety hazard near pedestrians and cyclists, in part because drivers sit high up and both buses and trucks are heavy-weight vehicles. It takes drivers longer to brake in these large vehicles, making it important that they travel the speed limit or slower when necessary.

For safety, drivers should be checking in front, behind and in both directions for pedestrians and cyclists at intersections. Buses and trucks should be equipped with mirrors to help drivers check.

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