Car Accidents Caused By Cell Phone Use

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Driving while talking on a cell phone is a dangerous practice that takes a driver's focus away from the road and can cause serious motor vehicle accidents. Massachusetts and other states have passed laws to prevent texting while driving in recent years, but talking on a cell phone is legal in most states and involved in far more car accidents.

In 2011, cell phone use was involved in 1.3 million car crashes across the country, according to the National Safety Council. Some 1.2 million traffic accidents were caused by drivers talking on cell phones, while texting while driving accounted for the rest.

Talking on a hand-held cell phone is banned in 10 states. Massachusetts permits talking on hand-held cell phones, with one restriction. Teenage drivers from age 16 1/2 to 18 are prohibited from all cell phone use while behind the wheel. It is against the law for drivers of any age to text while driving.

While drivers can use cell phones, they can be held liable for accidents resulting from talking on a phone. Cell phone use drastically reduces a driver's concentration and response time. Drivers have a responsibility to focus on the road and reduce distractions.

If you have been injured in a Massachusetts car accident involving cell phone use, you may be able to entitled to recover monetary damages, including for pain and suffering, lost wages and past and future medical expenses.

If you have been injured, it is important to receive immediate medical treatment. You should also speak to a qualified Boston car accident lawyer. Individuals injured in car accidents have a Statute of Limitations restricting how long they can file a claim.

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