BWG Consumer Alert: May 2011

Facts About Cycling in Massachusetts
The nice weather is back and if you are a cyclist, you may be enjoying time on your bike. Whether riding in Boston or in the suburbs, you have a responsibility to follow certain laws to protect yourself and others. Click here for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from Massachusetts cyclists.

Bicyclists Can Purchase Coverage For Injury Expenses Through Car Insurance
Knowing and following the rules of the road, and always riding defensively, are the best ways to prevent a bicycle accident and protect yourself from harm. The most important step in protecting yourself financially is to purchase insurance on your personal vehicle. Many bicyclists are unaware that they can purchase such coverage for injuries, medical expenses or lost earnings when hurt by a motorist with inadequate insurance.

Click here to learn more about this coverage and what to ask your car insurance agent if you are interested in purchasing it.

Think! Test Your Awareness Campaign Highlights Need to Watch Out for Bicyclists On Road
It is easy to miss something you are not looking for. Many motorists are aware of other cars on the road, but are just not looking for bicyclists and as a result, do not see them in time to prevent an accident.

The Transport for London, the government agency that oversees the city's transportation network, has tried to alert motorists of this problem for years with its Think! Test Your Awareness campaign. The agency has produced a series of videos, asking members of the public to test their awareness of what they are viewing. To view some of the videos, visit

Parents Reminded of Social Host Liability in Prom and Graduation Season
Prom and graduation season is the right time for parents to speak to their teenagers about the dangers of drinking and driving. The safety of our children is paramount. Beyond the obvious dangers of their kids drinking and driving, parents need to know about their own potential liability under the state's social host law if underage drinkers consume alcohol in their home.

"The most important reason to follow this law is the safety of our children and other travelers on the road," said attorney Marc L. Breakstone. "Even if the parents are not home and not aware of the illegal consumption of alcohol in their homes, they can still be criminally and civilly liable under this law."

Click here for answers to common questions about the law.

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