Burn Injuries

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Each year, 2.4 million burn injuries are reported in Massachusetts and across the country. Many individuals suffer permanent scarring and handicap while others lose their lives to injuries.

Burn injuries can result from negligence, defective products, fires, hot liquid scalds, gas explosions, occupational accidents, laser treatments, electrical burns and other causes. Victims may require extensive physical rehabilitation and need to stop working temporarily or permanently. If you or a loved one has been injured, it is important to find a skilled injury lawyer who can help you obtain the resources to make your best recovery.

At Breakstone, White & Gluck of Boston, we have 85 years combined experience securing awards for personal injury and burn injury clients. We have the experience, expertise and resources to handle the most complex claims. To learn more about our success for clients, please visit our Case Results page.

Workplace Burns
Construction workers, roofers and truck drivers transporting flammable materials face a high risk for burn injuries. Construction workers operate equipment which may not be properly maintained and often work in confined spaces. Roofers face risks from the hot tar they use to adhere shingles. Employers have an obligation to ensure employees are working in safe conditions, including keeping equipment maintenance logs, not working too many hours and making sure the job site is safe.

Gas explosions can cause death and some of the most severe burn injuries because victims are often trapped inside a structure or piece of equipment. They can happen in a private home, work or on a construction site. Common causes are if a utility company fails to maintain its pipelines, does not respond to a complaint promptly or if a contractor strikes a gas pipeline.

Young Children and Scalding Injuries
Young children account for a large number of burn injury victims, often the result of contact with scalding liquids. Scalds have been the leading cause of Massachusetts burn injuries for over 20 years. In more than 50 percent of the state's scalding cases, young children were the victims.

Burn Injuries from Entrapment
Individuals injured or killed in fires may be victims of being trapped by someone else's failure to care for a property or maintain adequate fire exits. The property owner has an obligation to keep a safe environment, whether it is a workplace, nightclub, restaurant or apartment building. Others may also be liable.

Automobile Accident Burn Injuries
Many car accidents and breakdowns emergency officials respond to involve car fires. Car fires can result from collisions with other vehicles or motorcycles, exhaust and electrical problems or manufacturer's defect. Because a car fire may leave extensive damage, a thorough investigation may be required to determine the source, even if it seems clear.

Who is Liable in Case of Burn Injury?
Claims can be brought against a number of parties. When a fire occurs in a home, restaurant, nightclub or workplace, a property owner and those involved in property maintenance may be liable. In addition to caring for the property, the owner has an obligation to keep all entrances accessible in case of emergency. If a child is burned under the supervision of a daycare provider, babysitter or school, those parties may hold responsibility. When a car explosion causes a burn injury, the driver who caused the collision and the insurance company may owe compensation.

Choosing a Massachusetts Burn Injury Lawyer
If you or a family member have a burn injury, the most important step is to seek medical care at a hospital or specialized burn treatment center.

Then, contact an experienced Massachusetts burn injury lawyer. Since 1992, Breakstone, White & Gluck has been successfully obtaining compensation for personal injury clients. We have secured numerous awards of $1 million or greater for clients.

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