Brookline Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Brookline Bicycle Accident Lawyers

For three decades, Breakstone, White & Gluck has successfully represented cyclists injured by bike accidents and dooring collisions in Brookline and Boston. Our attorneys understand that a bicycle accident is a devastating experience which brings pain and interrupts every aspect of your life, including your ability to work. We are committed to supporting our clients and reaching the maximum financial compensation for them.

Brookline is an optimal location for commuting, bordering Newton to the west and six Boston neighborhoods, including Allston and Brighton to the north.

Within the community, Beacon, Washington and Harvard streets are major bike routes, along with Longwood Avenue. From Coolidge Corner in Brookline, cyclists can travel along Beacon Street to the Fenway Park area, downtown Boston and the Massachusetts State House. While this is a popular route, the heavy traffic and high volume of commercial trucks make it one of the most dangerous bike commutes in the Boston area.

At Breakstone, White & Gluck, our lawyers are experienced in investigating bike crashes in Brookline and Boston. We know it is critical to launch an immediate investigation to gather relevant facts, interview witnesses and canvas for surveillance video. Our attorneys are highly experienced in these areas and in working with police and traffic analysis experts on accident reconstruction.

If you have been injured, learn your legal rights. For a free legal consultation, call Breakstone, White & Gluck at 800-379-1244. You can also use our contact form.

Cycling in Brookline, Massachusetts

Brookline is a community of 58,000 residents which cares about cycling and safety. The community has been recognized as a bronze level Bicycle-Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. Many households own a bicycle or rent from the BlueBikes bikeshare. According to the town's counts, more than 1,000 cyclists have passed through designated checkpoints at times. More than 100 cyclists travel into Brookline High School on a daily basis.

According to a 2018 news report, Brookline reported these intersections saw the highest number of bicycle crashes:

  • Beacon Street and Carlton Street
  • Chapel Street and Longwood Avenue
  • Harvard Street and Longwood Avenue

The Town of Brookline has been proactive in creating bike lanes and shared lane markings on Longwood Avenue and Washington Street. There are also contraflow lanes and cycle tracks on Netherlands and Parkway roads.

In Brookline, bicycle crashes should be reported to the Brookline Police Department. The driver who caused the bike crash has a responsibility to stay on the scene, cooperate with police and provide their license, registration and insurance information.

Common Types of Bicycle Accidents in Brookline and Boston

Bike Accidents at Intersections

Bike accidents can happen at busy intersections such as Coolidge Corner and Washington Square. When drivers fail to use blinkers, cyclists have no warning about a driver's intention at intersections. Drivers often approach too closely; there should be at least three feet between the driver's vehicles (the side view mirror or the outermost part) and the cyclist. The more room, the better. Drivers also have a responsibility to pass cyclists safely or hold back.

Bike Lane Crashes and Dooring

There are now more bike lanes in many areas of Brookline. This helps, but bike lanes alone cannot protect cyclists. When drivers make negligent decisions, such as to use their cell phone, they can lose focus and run into the bike lane.

Drivers are not allowed to travel in bike lanes or park there. Many bicycle lanes run along parked vehicles. In these and other areas, drivers have a responsibility to check before opening car doors. It is against the law in Massachusetts to open a door and interfere with a cyclist or pedestrian's path of travel. Drivers can be cited and held financially liable for dooring accidents.

Truck Crashes Injuring Cyclists - Wrongful Death of Bicyclists

Cyclists have been hit and killed by trucks in numerous locations along Beacon Street and other roads into Boston. Breakstone, White & Gluck has represented cyclists and families, investigated and pursued financial compensation through wrongful death lawsuits against drivers and trucking companies.

It is important to consult an experienced Brookline bicycle accident lawyer after a bike crash. Police may not always cite the driver for negligent operation, even when they clearly caused an accident. A lawyer can investigate and help you obtain the financial compensation you need for medical expenses, lost wages and your pain and suffering. When a bicycle accident is fatal, the family may be able to recover punitive damages through a wrongful death action.

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If you have been injured in a bike crash, our attorneys can help you determine your legal rights. For a free legal consultation, contact Breakstone, White & Gluck at 800-379-1244.