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Boston nursing home negligence and abuse lawyerBreakstone, White & Gluck has extensive experience representing patients injured by nursing home abuse and negligence in Massachusetts. Our attorneys are thorough investigators committed to holding nursing homes financially accountable for wrongdoing.

Many nursing homes follow regulations and take good care of their elderly and ill patients. But in some facilities, there has been a breakdown in care and patients have experienced physical abuse and neglect. This is a painful thought, but staff members have actually resorted to hitting, pushing or improperly restraining a patient. They may get away with this behavior for an extended period due to a lack of supervision.

Nursing home neglect may be more difficult to recognize at times. Neglect often happens when a nursing home fails to provide adequate care or act in some way. The nursing home may have skipped essential steps of care, resulting in the patient's injury or death. Discovering a nursing home failed to maintain treatment records or made a medication error are red flags. Failure to observe and report a patient's textbook symptoms is also neglect and can delay necessary medical care.

In some of the worst cases, nursing home neglect and abuse can lead to emotional withdrawal along with serious physical symptoms. For instance, the patient may be fearful and unable to communicate what happened. Physical symptoms may include infection, bed sores, illness, broken bones or head injuries.

Nursing home patients can also wander off and fall when there is no supervision. These falls are always serious because nursing home patients are used to sitting and have weakened muscles. When a patient falls, nursing homes have a responsibility to quickly respond and transport the patient to a hospital for medical care.

Investigating Nursing Home Negligence in Massachusetts

When your loved one is physically injured, you want to act. Our Boston personal injury lawyers can advise you on your legal rights. We can launch an investigation to determine if the nursing home breached its duty of care, resulting in the patient's injuries or death. We are experienced at investigating injuries and working with law enforcement and the state of Massachusetts, which licenses and certifies health care facilities.

Investigation must begin immediately. After an incident, a nursing home may reassign staff, nurses and doctors involved in the patient’s care, with a goal of impeding an investigation. Documents can be revised in violation of state law. Evidence may also be moved off-site or sanitized by cleaning services.

Potential Signs of Nursing Home Abuse or Negligence

Can I Seek Financial Compensation for Nursing Home Negligence or Nursing Home Wrongful Death in Massachusetts?

Reporting nursing home neglect or abuse may result in numerous actions. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health may increase oversight at the nursing home. Police may pursue criminal charges in abuse cases. The state Attorney General's office also has authority to investigate systematic problems.

In addition, Breakstone, White & Gluck can advise you of your legal rights to seek financial compensation for the negligence which caused your loved one’s injuries. Under Massachusetts law, you may be entitled to seek damages for medical care, pain and suffering and other financial losses, such as the cost of changing nursing homes. When the negligence and abuse leads to wrongful death, family members may have the right to seek punitive damages.

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