Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia Errors

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Injuries due to anesthesia errors are often catastrophic. Proving that an injury was caused by negligent anesthesia care can be a daunting task. That is why you need an experienced and qualified lawyer to investigate and prosecute your anesthesia medical malpractice case. Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers have successfully handled anesthesia malpractice cases resulting in death, paralysis, severe brain injury, and loss of use of limbs. While there are many inherent risks involved with undergoing medical procedures and surgeries, many of these risks can be avoided by proper anesthesia care.. Some of the most serious risks involve the use of anesthesia, which is why the administration of anesthesia requires constant and diligent observation of the patient. The anesthesiologist administering the drugs must make sure that the patient can undergo anesthesia and that the appropriate dose of each drug is used. They also need to monitor the patient for any adverse reactions. When anesthesiologists and other medical professionals fail to use appropriate care when using anesthesia, the outcome can be devastating for the patient. At Breakstone, White & Gluck, our Boston anesthesia malpractice lawyers are prepared to help you seek the judgment or the settlement that you deserve following an anesthesia error.

Consequences of Anesthesia Errors

In general, anesthesia errors involve situations in which a patient experiences unnecessary and preventable harm as a result of a mistake in the administration of anesthesia. Anesthesia involves drugs that put the patient in a temporary state of unconsciousness, unable to feel pain. When you are under anesthesia, you are completely at the mercy of the medical professionals providing you with treatment. There are many different surgeries and procedures in which anesthesia is used, including child deliveries involving caesarean sections and other complications.

As patients, we depend on medical providers to take the risks of anesthesia into account and to ensure that they are providing competent and timely medical care. There are many ways that a medical professional can administer or monitor anesthesia negligently. For example, some of the most serious issues that develop regarding anesthesia use include a lack of sufficient oxygen for the patient under anesthesia, a sudden allergic reaction to the drug that is not identified in a timely fashion, and a failure to treat hyperthermia. If anesthesia is not administered correctly, the victim can suffer brain damage, disabilities, a stroke, or even death. These drastic outcomes can happen even when the anesthesiologist makes a slight error in the administration of the drugs.

If you suffered an injury as a result of an anesthesia error at a Boston area hospital, our anesthesia malpractice attorneys are ready to help you bring a claim against the medical professionals who treated you at the time of the incident. To recover compensation, you must show that the medical professionals failed to treat you with the same level of care and timeliness that other medical professionals with a similar specialty and background would have used when faced with your specific characteristics and conditions. In other words, you must show that the defendant did not act as a competent, reasonable, and prudent anesthesiologist would have acted in the same situation.

Next, you will need to show that this failure was the cause of the injuries that you sustained. In medical malpractice actions, a defendant sometimes argues that the plaintiff’s pre-existing or underlying conditions were the primary reason why they suffered injuries—rather than the alleged lack of appropriate care. To fight back against this, your Boston anesthesia malpractice attorney can retain an expert medical witness who can testify about the lack of appropriate care that was rendered and its causal connection to your injuries.

The final phase of the litigation requires the victim to offer evidence supporting the amount of damages that they are seeking in the lawsuit. There are many different categories of damages that you can potentially obtain. Some of the most common types of damages include medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, and compensation for any future medical care needs.

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