Construction Accident Amputations

Choosing an Experienced Boston Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction sites bring together a powerful combination of motorized machinery and heavy materials such as steel and cement. Without proper training and supervision, construction accidents can occur and result in wrongful death or serious personal injury.

One of the most severe injuries is amputation. It can happen suddenly, when a worker is crushed by a heavy beam, cut by machinery, falls from a building or is struck in a construction vehicle accident. The employee can lose one or several of his limbs and be left confined to a wheelchair.

An amputation is a devastating loss that takes a long period of adjustment for the individual and his family and friends. The individual will have to re-assess his daily routine and may need multiple surgeries over the course of his life. Making this even harder is the medical bills that quickly pile up in the weeks following an accident.

Workers' compensation can pay for some of the medical bills and lost earnings, but it does not cover the life changes one must handle after an amputation. If you have been injured on a construction site, the property owner, the general contractor or a sub-contractor may be liable for any injuries sustained. You may be able to recover damages for future earnings, pain and suffering, medical expenses and other compensation.

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