Boston Medical Malpractice Testimonial

Boston Medical Malpractice Testimonial

So about three years ago or so my father was left in a vegetative state because he went through a minor procedure at a hospital and doctor ended up walking out of the operating room without making sure that my father’s breathing tube was…the machine was on. And so basically he was left on a vegetative state for about a year and a half.

I don’t know. My family just started talking about finding a lawyer and we’ve never gone through this before so we didn’t know what lawyer to look for, where to start. So I just started actually just googling and I just googled malpractice lawyers and Marc’s name came up and I just did more research in terms of like his practice and years of experience.

And so I made a call and came in for the consultation We came in and he just guided us through the whole process. He told us exactly what would happen and how we needed to go about doing everything. So we took the positions and we just had to meet very regularly with Marc and explained to him everything that had happened to us and who else would be involved so he got to know more of like our family dynamic and just getting to know who all the players were involved.

I think the part that sticks out the most was the fact that Marc really did get to know us as a family and he really wanted to just get to know as individuals, not just because of our case and what we were coming to him for. I remember at the end, the part that I value the most was the fact that after the case was over we made the settlements, he brought in a financial adviser so my sister and I could have a consultation because we were very young.

I couldn’t have asked for anything I really didn’t know what to expect and I think that Marc helped us also just not be as nervous or with the whole process and Marc helped us a lot and so we are very happy. My family, my sister, my Mom and I, we really will recommend to other people if they need a lawyer and if we ever need it, not that I hope, we’ll also use him again, so.

Case note:  This was a novel approach to a case in which a surgeon, for reasons that have remained a mystery, turned off a patient’s ventilator in the middle of a minor surgical procedure for a brief period, but then forgot to turn the ventilator back on. At the same time, the surgeon had overridden the machine alarm which would have alerted him to the lack of ventilation to his patient.  After leaving the patient without oxygen for greater than seven minutes, the doctor realize that the patient was not breathing and had turned blue. When the ventilator was switch back on, the patient resumed breathing but had already suffered a profound and anoxic brain injury from having been deprived of oxygen for a long period of time. The documentation of this incident was almost nonexistent. It took “gumshoe” investigative techniques to dig down and figure out the cause of this man’s life ending brain injury.