Boston Medical Malpractice Testimonial

Essentially, there was supposed to be a removal of a lump. The surgeon skipped one of the processes for locating a lump. He took a lump out. Everything came out good as testing and everything was fine. My wife went for her next annual and the doctor saw a lump. He was very upset and off she went to the surgeon and before they even got there, they realized it was too late.

Well, Marc and David were referred to me by an attorney that we knew and he suggested that he would be good for this case, his personality and so forth, and told me a little bit and it turns out exactly right. Now when we first began the case, the very first thing Marc said is, "Well, get all your records.

And we said, "Oh, okay. Well, yeah, we can do that." I think it was like, "We'll go in next week." And he said, "No, you need to do it now, immediately." and we said OK and come to find out, eventually, within the course of the case, the process, that the doctor changed the records. And when we got the records, we had our records when we finally got their records It was an unbelievable revelation to see how he changed it.

It was very sinister the way that he was able to to take the original and do a few things. We were always aware of what was going on. We were always shared the motions that took place we were very much on top of the legal proceedings, which can be a really help emotionally, psychologically help when you're going through something like this as opposed to just sitting in the dark and wondering what's going on and occasionally you hear something.

So that was very really important thing. The fact that he was able to absorb and transmit our emotions throughout every step of this way. I mean, when you were present with him and you could see him, and the way that he could talk to the other lawyers are, talk to the judge and so forth. You could see he was there 100% and this was more than just a case to him.

as far as everything that they did, and how they did it, and the communication, I would and have recommended them in the past and he will always be the first person I will think of if anyone in our life enters with a similar situation and they need help. I will be sending them right here.
Client Reviews
David really cared about me as an individual…and he really cared about seeking the justice that needed to be sought in the case. Peter
Ron got the insurance company to settle for the maximum on the policy. And so as a result of that, my son went back to school. Jeff
Marc just guided us through the whole process. He told us exactly what would happen and how we needed to go about doing everything. Jesenia
I would recommend David…The outcome of my case, I was very pleased with it. I hope I don't have another accident, but if I do we'll be back to see David. Paul
Ron was excellent. He was on top of everything. He answered every question. John
Marc was extremely professional. I felt very confident that he knew exactly what he was doing. This is his area of practice and I had total confidence in him and I actually have recommended him to other people who have been in accidents. Josh