Boston Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A few years ago my sister had to go into the hospital to do some medical testing and for that procedure, she needed to be sedated. It turns out that the amount of sedation that they administered her was way over what she needed and, you know, it had some deadly consequences. We did some search. I interviewed a few attorneys and then when it came to Marc and Ron, I feel very comfortable when I interview them initially they from my research they had the experience to handle a case of this nature when we decided to go forward with it.

So we feel very comfortable when we decided to go ahead and and I think based on the research that we did, you know, we thought they could handle the case, and it turns out that they did a you know, a great job. Anyone that's facing or needs some legal help with any type of medical malpractice or a friend, I think it's a wise decision for them to seek the services of Marc and Ron.

I think, you know, not just taking my word but they can see for themself. And I think that they'll be very satisfied once the case takes its course, whenever that might be.