Boston, Massachusetts Insurance Malpractice Lawyer

We have a business and we procured insurance and the insurance policies were put in place to protect our company and our clients. And there was a situation that arose and the insurance companies pointed the other direction. And we had a business issue to deal with and we went through two other attorneys; it was a very complicated issue - and we found David because of his expertise in working with insurance companies and dealing with insurance malpractice.

So we worked with David and that's what brought us to the firm is the business issue that occurred. I think the highlights are, number one, he was easily able to dissect what the issues were and shepherd us through a process. Kept us informed during the entire process, and gave us realistic expectations and outcomes.

it was complicated because there were multiple insurance companies, multiple insurance brokers who may have misrepresented the that they were selling, and he was able to untangle all that and work through the court system. We went through the trial court we went through appeals courts and although each step was time consuming we were given realistic expectations and we were one at every gate.

I'd recommend David and his firm to anyone that is a business owner that has an insurance claim issue because he's got expertise in dealing with insurance companies and he's great with dealing with business owners to help them through the process.