Boston Bike Accident Lawyer Testimonial

I was biking one evening and it was end of October two years ago and it was kind of dusk and from what the police report I don't remember any of the incident but a car had pulled out in front of me and You know, I hit the car. I was hit by the car and it broke my jaw and a couple places. Knocked out all of my front teeth, top and bottom, so that's eight teeth I had knocked out and had broken vertebrae in my neck as well as tore my shoulder.

Having Marc take care of everything, I was getting tons of letters on a weekly basis from the hospitals asking for money. Once I kind of got connected with Marc all that stopped. So I just kind of did what I needed to do to get better and Marc really took care of all of the other stuff there was no harassment by any of the collection agencies or anything like that which is one less thing I had to worry about which was nice.

Marc was extremely professional. I felt very confident that he knew exactly what he was doing. This is his area of practice and I had total confidence in him and I actually have recommended him to other people who have been in accidents.