Automobile Accident - Multiple Fractures

Multiple bone fractures and surgery, collapsed lung
Amount of Settlement
Special Damages
Medical expenses: 
Plaintiff number 1: $120,000.00
Plaintiff number 2: $10,000.00.
Plaintiffs’ Lawyer
Ronald E. Gluck
Essex Superior Court
Settled before trial
Other Useful 

Plaintiffs were passengers in a car struck by the operator of a pickup truck who crossed a double yellow line causing a head-on collision and severe personal injuries. The motor vehicle accident was clearly the fault of the negligent truck driver.

Plaintiff number 1 was 77 years old. As a result of the car crash, she suffered a fractured hip, which required surgery, along with a collapsed lung. Prior to the accident, she lived independently, which she was unable to do following her recovery from injuries. 

Plaintiff number 2 was 65 years old. As a result of the collision, she suffered several personal injuries, including multiple fractures, none requiring surgery. She was left with a tingling sensation in a burning feeling in her major hand which was caused by nerve damage. Both plaintiffs had retired from employment well before this accident happened.

Client Reviews
  • "David really cared about me as an individual…and he really cared about seeking the justice that needed to be sought in the case."
  • "Ron got the insurance company to settle for the maximum on the policy. And so as a result of that, my son went back to school."
  • "Marc just guided us through the whole process. He told us exactly what would happen and how we needed to go about doing everything."
  • "I would recommend David…The outcome of my case, I was very pleased with it. I hope I don't have another accident, but if I do we'll be back to see David."
  • "Ron was excellent. He was on top of everything. He answered every question."
  • "Marc was extremely professional. I felt very confident that he knew exactly what he was doing. This is his area of practice and I had total confidence in him and I actually have recommended him to other people who have been in accidents."