Personal Injury Case Results

The following are some examples of the cases which Breakstone, White & Gluck, P.C. (formerly Breakstone, White-Lief & Gluck, P.C.) has handled. These reports illustrate the variety of catastrophic personal injury cases we handle, including medical malpractice, automobile accidents, construction accident, bicycle accident and police misconduct, as well as insurance bad faith insurance claims. Follow the link for each report for full case reports and opinions on these verdicts and settlements.

Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Cases--Verdicts and Settlements
Paramedic Negligence - Failure to Treat Infant with Febrile Seizures$10,200,000 Details
Medical Malpractice - Anesthesia Complications, Severe Infant Brain Injury$7,500,000 Details
Medical Malpractice - Severe Brain Damage Due to Negligent Removal of Central Line and Air Embolization$5,750,000 Details
Medical Malpractice - Ovarian Cancer, Wrongful Death$3,000,000 Details
Medical Malpractice -Emergency Department Opiod Overdose Death Due to Respiratory Depression and Cardiac Arrest$2,250,000 Details
Anesthesia Malpractice - Brain injury and wrongful death$2,040,000 Details
Medical Malpractice - Failure to Diagnose Neck Injury$2,030,000 Details
Medical Malpractice - Medication overdose, wrongful death$2,000,000 Details
Medical Malpractice - Failure to Diagnose Breast Cancer$1,900,000 Details
Radiology Malpractice - Wrongful Death - Undetected Cervical Fracture Leading to Quadriplegia and Death$1,800,000 Details
Medical Malpractice - Surgeon leaves operating room, nerve damage$1,250,000 Details
Medical Malpractice - Botched spinal fusion resulting in severe nerve damage$1,100,000 Details
Medical Negligence - Blindness from untreated sinus infection$1,000,000 Details
Medical Malpractice - Failed spinal fusion with reflex sympathetic dystrophy$800,000 Details
Medical Malpractice - Negligent failure to prevent suicide$675,000 Details
Psychiatric Medical Malpractice - Psychiatrist Mismanages Medication$550,000 Details
Medical Negligence - Failure to diagnose meningitis; wrongful death$550,000 Details
Negligent Prescription of Anti-Anxiety Medication - Stevens-Johnson Syndrome - Permanent Scarring$550,000 Details
Wrongful Death - Failure to diagnose respiratory distress$450,000 Details
Medical Negligence - Malpractice resulting in radial nerve injury$400,000 Details
Medical Negligence - Urinary tract (ureter) injury during hysterectomy$400,000 Details
Medical Malpractice - Failure to diagnose skin cancer on cheek$300,000 Details
Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Accidents--Verdicts and Settlements
Bus Accident - Bus Runs Over Pedestrian$7,100,000 Details
Motorcycle Accident - Motorcyclist suffers facial fractures, concussion and loss of vision in one eye$3,750,000 Details
Truck Accident - Tractor-Trailer Strikes Car, Severe Orthopedic Injuries$3,000,000 Details
Truck Accident - Car Struck by Truck, Plaintiff Suffers Multiple Injuries$2,500,000 Details
Automobile Accident - Chest Injuries, Wrongful Death$1,800,000 Details
Automobile Accident - Multiple Fractures$1,725,000 Details
Negligence - Pedestrian Struck in Crosswalk and Killed$1,250,000Details
Car Accident - Pedestrian suffered knee injury requiring multiple surgeries$1,200,000 Details
Car Accident - Pedestrian suffered head injury and leg fractures$1,100,000 Details
Motor Vehicle Accident - Plaintiff suffered multiple fractures, on-going disability$1,100,000 Details
Uninsured Motorist - Multiple Plaintiffs, Connecticut Case$1,018,500 Details
Car Accident - Restaurant serves drunk driver, severe skull fractures$1,000,000 Details
Automobile Accident - Multiple Fractures$1,000,000 Details
Automobile Accident - Leg Fracture and Psychological Injury$750,000 Details
Car Accident - Leg and Ankle Fractures$750,000 Details
Limousine Liability/Pedestrian-Car Crash - Severe Facial Injuries$697,000 Details
Personal Injury - High speed truck collision resulting in an automobile accident$575,000 Details
Car Accident - Head-on collision, traumatic brain injury$477,989 Details
Massachusetts Construction Site and Premises Liability Cases--Verdicts and Settlements
Propane Gas Explosion - Conscious pain and suffering, severe burn injuries, wrongful death$7,500,000


Fire Pit Injury - Severe Burn Injuries Caused by Gasoline Thrown Into Fire$2,500,000, plus $500,000 previously paid directly to the plaintiff Details

Crane Accident - Conscious pain and suffering and wrongful death$1,350,000 Details
Construction Site Accident - Lull Runs Over Foot, Below-The-Knee Amputation$1,200,000 Details
Premises Liability - Plaintiff suffers skull fractures when balcony rail collapses$900,000 Details
Premises Liability - Multiple fractures caused by stair collapse$900,000 Details
Premises Liability - Slip and Fall on Defective Stairs$445,000 Details
Construction Accident - Spinal fracture with surgery$390,000 Details
Construction Accident - Back Injury$350,000 Details
Construction Accident - Wrist Fracture$350,000 Details
Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Cases--Verdicts and Settlements
Massachusetts Bicycle Accident with Severe Orthopedic Injuries$250,000 Details
Massachusetts Product Liability Cases--Verdicts and Settlements
Product Liability - Defective Fitness Equipment - Negligence by Gym and Fitness Trainer$1,150,000 Details
Product Liability - Hand injury due to defective machine$180,000 Details
Massachusetts Spinal Cord Injury Cases--Verdicts and Settlements
Spinal Cord Injury - Botched Spinal Fusion Resulting in Severe Nerve Damage$1,100,000 Details
Spinal Cord Injury - Failed Spinal Fusion with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy$800,000 Details
Massachusetts Dog Attack Cases--Verdicts and Settlements
Dog Bite - Severe face injury from dog bite, scarring, emotional distress$450,000 Details
Dog Bite - Bite on ankle of elderly woman leads to infection, sepsis, wrongful death$300,000Details
Dog Attack - Eye Injury to Minor Plaintiff$200,000 Details
Bicycle Accident - Dog chases cyclist causing crash and multiple injuries$170,000 Details
Other Massachusetts Cases--Verdicts and Settlements
Ski Accident - resulting in traumatic brain injury$800,000 Details
Insurance Bad Faith - Failure to Settle Automobile Accident Case$670,000 Details
Police Misconduct - Arbitration Award$517,486 Details
Product Liability - Severe Hand Injury Caused by Missing Guard$180,000 Details
Race Discrimination - Workplace employment discrimination case

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